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Organizing Committee


Session 2: National Network of Creative Cities

Presentation by Luís Serpa, “Creative Industries Platform” of Lisbon Metropolitan Area [530KB PDF]

Presentation by Mayor Celso Gomes, Municipality of Paredes
Part 1 [1MB PDF]
Part 2 [7MB PDF]
Part 3 [6MB PDF]

Presentation by Francisca Abreu, Guimarães Culture Department [2MB PDF]

Presentation by António Carvalho, Cascais Culture Department [4MB PDF]

Session 3: Universities and Network of Creative Cities in the Schools

Presentation by José Carlos Mota, “Creative Cities Contest”
Part 1 [3MB PDF]
Part 2 [10MB PDF]

Presentation by António Manuel Rendas, Rector of the New University of Lisbon [1MB PDF]

Presentation by Luís Ferreira, Vice-Rector of the Technical University of Lisbon [324KB PDF]